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Trible Birthday Chocolate Cake

I started looking around on the web to find inspiration and here I came across a cake I simply had to try, the cook behind this recipe, is a young girl from Norway named Solveig, who has many delicious recipes which are all gluten free and vegan, her blog is therefor of cause called nothing less than Gluten-Free vegan-Girl I have adjusted slightly in the recipe and decided to use a berry mousse and chocolate mousse between the layers
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Nye ting

En lille notesbog fra Michaels som jeg skal bruge til Young Adult Novels. Sweatshirt fra Victoria's secret til 39 dollars
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I thought I was going to be a professional photographer when I was younger, sooner or later I realized that it actually wasn’t my biggest dream at all (and I definitely didn’t have the talent)
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München / Munich

They are currently the world's best soccer team and win everything they touch, so every young boys of course cheer for this team and idolizes all of their big stars
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/ crossed that big sister can stay up later then her, annoying being 3 years younger. Et billede af min piger, en gang om ugen, hver uge, i 2015 / A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2015
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New in igen-igen

T-shirt fra Jacqueline De Young, fundet på en tilbuds-ø i Koldingstorcenter for kun 35,-. Hej Læsere. Så er der lidt nyt tøj i skabet igen- denne gang har jeg gjort mig 2 gode køb
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